SparkPeople Health Community


Ever wanted to lose weight, but you could not find the inspiration to do so? You cannot find an exercise buddy, you tried dieting but you end up giving up anyway. Now you can find that motivation right in the comfort of your own home, and hopefully you could even set that weight loss goal that you can achieve.

The gist

SparkPeople is an online community of people who have decided to take over their sedentary lifestyle and live a healthy life all the while losing weight. Joining the site is completely free and the best part of it is that you do not have to pay anything for any of their service.

It started out as a goal-setting website, but eventually became a resource on the best information about health as more and more members wanted to have tips on nutrition, fitness and healthy lifestyles. Discussions about different diet programs and what worked or what not flourished in the community, and they realized that there is no magic formula in living healthy.

Achieving health goals is all about choosing the right options. SparkPeople was ranked as much as sixth most visited site in the "Health and Well-Being" category.

When joining SparkPeople for the first time, you get to input your height and current weight to determine your Body Mass Index. You would also have to set realistic and achievable weight loss goals.

For instance, they recommend you lose up to two pounds a week as rapid weight loss can also be dangerous to your health. After inputting your dietary preferences (vegetarian, no pork, no tofu) and health issues (allergies, heartburn, diabetes),

SparkPeople automatically provides you with tools and information that would be best for your weight loss from what exercises to take and what foods to eat more.


SparkPeople provides a total fitness regimen for your body, from a long-term four-stage diet program that focuses on healthy habits to a specific exercise program you need to optimize your weight loss.

The community, whether in forums or through SparkTeams that share common interests (yoga fanatics, people suffering from depression, etc) give its members emotional support as well as added resources based on their own experiences.


However, you need to take note that SparkPeople are not private weight loss counselors. The members are ordinary people who have the shared passion of putting on a healthy lifestyle. Apart from that, SparkPeople provides no pre-prepared diet meals and no diet pills.

Also, you may find the information in the site too overwhelming especially on your first weeks. It is best to take in each subject that pertains to your personal health goals.

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