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Have you ever been approached by someone and said that you look younger than your age? Or have you been commented that you look older than what you really are?

We all get old, but some of us have managed to display a certain "real age" either by a change in lifestyle or through diet and exercise, or even a combination of both. Now, a website can help you determine your real age, and can possibly trim 10 years off your appearance.

The gist

The RealAge Diet was introduced by Dr. Michael Roizen. All you have to do is to visit its website and answer its survey. If you do not have an idea on some of the questions, it has provided information along with the survey question to guide you through.

Questions raised are about your lifestyle and your state of health. Once completed, you get an e-mail about one to two hours after indicating how old you really are. The e-mail also comes with a variety of suggestions that can help you shed off the pounds and begin to look younger.

RealAge Diet does not require you to commit to common diet extremes and limitations, but you need to own up to every bite you take. All of the suggestions have significant supportive data, with each part of the plan having at least four reputable references.

It starts by eating breakfast with whole grains while avoiding processed foods, eating no more than 4 ounces of red meat every week, incorporate three servings of fish each week, eating about five ounces of nuts each week, replacing your salad dressing with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and read the nutrition facts as well as the food labels.


There are plenty of free assessments and information at the website. Simply type in your selection of criteria for your taste or interest in food and the website would give you a selection of recipes that fit you.

Such "age-appropriate" program also applies in your exercise routine, as RealAge website offers free fitness tools to help customize a balanced routine. What is the best part of this plan? Everything is free.


The only problem one may encounter with this website is that you may receive your e-mail containing your real age after an hour or so you have filled up the survey.


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