Personality Type Diet

Dr. Robert F. Kushner, a medical teacher at Northwestern University, has introduced a type of weight-loss program that is customized according to the individual, which he called "The Personality Type Diet", after realizing during his consultations with people who wanted to lose weight that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all diet.

The approach targets diet advice to people based on what they need the most help with, and at the same time focuses strategies in eating, exercise, and coping with lots of realistic tips and tricks. Here are what you need to know about this revolutionary diet plan.

It starts with a test

Patients are asked to answer 66 questions about their habits and attitudes toward eating, exercising, and coping. The answers would classify each person according to one or more categories such as "Mindless Muncher", "All-or-Nothing Doer", or a "Can’t-Say-No Pleaser".

Improving one’s self

Kushner’s book offers specific advice that are helpful in changing particular behaviors and attitudes that a person within a certain category suffers. Once readers have identified what they have to change, Kushner points you to the areas where diet and lifestyle change will do you most good.

Munch on "super foods"

Kushner pushes for a plant-based diet, including soy products. However, unlike vegetarian diet, fish and poultry are also available on the menu. There aren’t any beef dishes in the book’s recipe section, as well as a few pork recipes.


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