Optifast Diet

Some diets come and go, but the more effective ones tend to stay in the market-as well as being followed by consumers-over a long period of time. The OPTIFAST plan is one of them, having been one of the pioneers of liquid-based diets during the 1970s.

The diet plan is aimed at obese individuals who are at least 50 pounds over their ideal weight or with a Body Mass Index of 30 or more, and has been recommended by physicians and dietitians.

The Optifast program

The program follows strict guidelines, since a lot of foods would be replaced with snack bars and drinks, so that every patient remains healthy and safe. However, not everybody can do OPTIFAST, as an initial medical exam is conducted to make sure you meet the program criteria.

Once you get into the program, your progress is monitored weekly through one-on-one and group counseling. OPTIFAST is also customizable according to your weight and physical abilities. You get a personalized eating and activity plans that are right for your fitness level and schedule.

There are, however, some obstacles about this diet plan. For one, it’s expensive. It costs $550 as a starting investment, not to mention the $100-a-week fee for meal replacements and snacks. Following OPTIFAST takes 18 weeks, with 12 weeks undergoing meal replacements, then slowly introducing yourself with healthy meal choices.

However, being a meal replacement plan, eating nothing but snack bars for 12 weeks does not seem healthy at all. Although you gradually lose between two to four pounds each week, there is only half a chance that you can keep it off.

Overall, OPTIFAST maybe nutritionally sound, but there are a lot of other programs that provide similar weight loss results but do not deprive you with real food. The cost of following the program is also not worth it, as any other diet book (and even online diet programs) cost a fraction of OPTIFAST.


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