Oprah Diet

The Oprah Diet was developed by the celebrated talk show host’s personal trainer Bob Greene. He is an exercise physiologist as well as a certified personal trainer that specializes in fitness, metabolism and weight loss.

Aside form being Oprah’s personal trainer, he also has become a frequent guest at the Oprah Winfrey Show as well as a contributing writer on health and fitness on The O Magazine. He has also written some best selling books on health and fitness.

The Oprah Diet is also known as the BestLife diet. This diet has become very popular partly because of how it was able to help Oprah gain control over her weight. The said diet has also helped thousands of people regain control of their weight even after they think that they no longer have the power to do anything about it.

The Oprah Diet is not merely a diet; it is about following healthy kind of lifestyle that focuses on health and wellness. The diet works first by helping the individual examine his or her lifestyle more extensively and go through several healthy lifestyle changes that lasts.

The lifestyle changes should come from within and not through outside programs. The change should come from personal commitment and the proper motivation to diet and exercise regularly. The individual is encouraged to start slow. This eventually leads to provide the person with the power to take back control not only with the weight issues but also with one’s own life.

In the program proper, the first stage deals with trying to raise the body’s metabolism in order to give the individual the encouragement to eat well. Greene believes that poor nutrition poisons the body and will not help the individual in losing weight the healthy way. By eating well, Greene believes that the person tries to avoid what is called emotional eating, which tends to lead a person to overeat.

And just like most effective diets out there, The Oprah diet also combines the effectiveness of healthy meals in smaller portions that go hand in hand with regular exercise. With its meal plans, the focus is less on counting the calories as it is determining the reason why one overeats.

The meal plans being followed are one of the most well-balanced programs available which also helps in how one may be able to change eating and exercise habits.

The Oprah diet is an effective option to weight loss and is mostly based in trying to incorporate healthy lifestyle changes instead of just aiming for instant weight loss results.

By focusing on making lifestyle changes, the results are usually effective for the long term and may less likely make an individual feel deprived or make it hard for him to follow this type of diet. Setting goals is also important in this type of diet which also has its won set of benefits when one is able to achieve each one of them along the way.

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