Medifast Diet

It is considered one of the most successful (and most profitable) diet plans, with a lot of testimonials who swear by this eating plan. Some of those success stories were even featured in leading magazine like People.

What makes it click? For one, it has the word "fast".

Unlike other fad diets that are all the rage these days, Medifast has been around for a several decades. At one time, it was only available through physicians. Today, Medifast products can be ordered through its official website ( or its distributors across the United States.

What’s it all about?

Medifast is a meal replacement plan, or what they call "a lifestyle change", wherein you substitute the food you have been used to with its variety of low-calorie, low-fat products.

The formula would generally take you into a mild state of ketosis, wherein your liver would convert fats into fatty acids that are useful to your body.

Their most popular plan is called "5 and 1". It comprises 5 meal replacements and one full meal containing lean protein, vegetables and salad. This plan claims a weight loss of two to five pounds a week.

Proven effective

It is actually one of the very few commercial weight loss programs that have undergone any clinical studies, and its conclusions were positive.

Medifast is proud of a Johns Hopkins university study showing significant weight loss among its patients (an average of 67 pounds in men and 57 pound average in females).

Medifast has also been found an effective program in controlling type 2 diabetes, even more effective than what the American Doctors Association approve.

Drastic changes

Taking the Medifast diet would be very drastic to your body, since you are taking less protein and less calories. One obstacle you would need to overcome is the plan’s long-term commitment.

Weaning yourself from an eating habit based on shakes and soups would be pretty tricky. The transition phase is between four to six weeks, which usually comprises of oatmeal for breakfast and some fruits for snacks.

Exercise is also an important part of Medifast, but should not be done too much during the transition phase considering the low amount of calories you would burn. Once you get over it, you can start with basic strength training to avoid muscle loss.

The cost

If you want to follow the 5 an 1 plan faithfully, it would take some $275 off your wallet a month and that’s for the "5" part alone. You still need to buy your daily lean and green meal.


Taking the Medifast diet requires a long-term commitment because the plan does not promise a simple loss of pounds, but rather a continuing loss of weight until you achieve the body that you want with the help of regular support from its clinic as well as medical advises.

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