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iVillage Total Health

iVillage.com, an online resource for women, has been on the World Wide Web since the beginnings of the Internet in 1995. The dot-com bubble may have busted, many companies closed shop, but iVillage still prevailed and is still going strong today with millions of members and thousands of valuable information women can get from pregnancy, to beauty and style advices, astrology, and even relationships. But what makes iVillagers keeps on coming back to the site is the iVillage Total Health weight loss program.

The gist

Health experts in the fields of cardiology, nutrition, and fitness developed this free-to-use online diet program. The iVillage Total Health program kicks off with a step-by-step online examination that evaluates your fitness level, eating habits, and personal goals.

After answering all the information needed, the Total Health program gives you a free rein on designing your personalized eating and fitness plan. You can also get all the support and references that you can get from top-notch diet websites all for free!

The experts behind Total Health program also provide your own activity program, depending on your fitness level. The exercise plan consists of cardio, strength training, and stretching programs, where you can also learn different routines from basic martial arts to weight lifting.

Another standout in the iVillage Total Health plan is its special program devoted to Peace of Mind, wherein you learn how to manage your everyday stress and other challenges life can bring. You are also instructed on different techniques on meditation, visualization, and breathing exercises.


Apart from getting free information about dieting and fitness for free, the iVillage Total Health program provides a welcoming community for women of all ages and fitness levels. The weight loss program is backed up by formidable credentials from physicians, nutritionists, and fitness experts. Apart from being a diet website, iVillage.com also provides valuable information on various topics every woman needs.

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