Hourglass Fitness

Entertainment tabloids and television shows have been following the life of Ruby Gettinger of Savanna, Georgia, as she takes her journey to shed off some weight from her 500-pound body. Part of her weight loss program is a consultation with a Savannah-based weight management center called Hourglass Weight Loss and Fitness.

The gist

The Hourglass Weight Loss and Fitness focuses on educating clients on being healthy and nutritionally sound, as well as aiding them in their weight loss through 30-minute circuit workouts and fresh, preservative-free meals. Hourglass also offers the INTERxVENTUSA Online Lifestyle Management Program, a web-based tool that allows members to access additional health and nutritional information.

The meal plan is based on guidelines set by the American Diabetes Association, the American Heart Association, and the American Cancer Society. The meals, each costing less than $7, use healthy recipes that are developed by a registered dietician. You can create your customized meal plan based on your ideal caloric range, as well as the time range of the plan (whether a 7-day, 5-day, or individual meal plan).

Meanwhile, the exercise component of this program makes use of Hydraulic Fitness Circuit, a fun 30-minute workout you do for three times a week. As with many circuit training programs, this one maximizes every minute of your exercise. The center has 20 stations with nine resistance settings and recovery stations to help you remain energized for your whole workout.

Aside from getting one-on-one sessions with their certified personal trainers, Hourglass also offers a computerized training system call MyTrak, which automatically trains you to push two percent more difficult than your previous workout. This helps you continually improve and increase your overall fitness.

Advantages and disadvantages

Hourglass Weight Loss and Fitness is not just your ordinary on-site gym, as it also provides valuable information about choosing healthy meals, which is another important component in weight loss. The meals have variety and there are plenty to choose from, keeping you from being bored with the dieting aspect of losing weight.

The center promotes health as part of lifestyle and not just physical improvement. Clients who join their program are also assured of utmost support as they take their first steps towards fitness. The problem, however, is that Hourglass as of yet only has one location: Savannah Georgia.

Overall, Hourglass Weight Loss and Fitness does not provide an illusion that you can lose weight quickly within a few weeks, as we have seen Ruby’s progress in her reality show. Nevertheless, the center provides balance and moderation, as well as the key to a lifelong weight management: an overall healthy lifestyle.

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