Gold Coast Cure

Developed by Doctors Andy and Ivy Larson, the Gold Coast Cure is a total-body health program, which incorporates three key components to help you manage your weight and health. The five-week program focuses on a nutritious, natural diet, supplements, and exercise. It also claims to decrease your risk of illnesses like diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, obesity.

Its eating program makes you avoid the "bad carbohydrates," which includes processed foods like white bread, French fries, and pasta, all while enjoying "good carbs" like fresh produce and whole grains. The diet also incorporates fiber and antioxidant-rich foods. Meanwhile, its exercise program would make you commit to three, half-hour weekly sessions of circuit training.

To get into the program, you could either buy the book, "The Gold Coast Cure: The 5-Week Health and Body Makeover, A Lifestyle Plan to Shed Pounds, Gain Health and Reverse 10 Diseases," or through the company’s website, wherein you can receive online consultations starting at $59.95. Buying the book is more advisable, as the online component is expensive, even more expensive than most diet consultation websites. Despite of this, rest assured that you are getting a smart and common-sense advise on food choices.

The Gold Coast Cure promises to improve your overall well-being, and helps you reverse years of damage you get from poor eating and exercise practices by relying on the inherent healing value of food.


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