Genotype Diet

Genotype dietOne obstacle that usually struggle dieters is actually their own body.  Different people react to dieting differently, and it is up to them to realize how their body works when it comes to gaining and losing weight.

The gist

The Genotype Diet calculates how your body reacts to dieting, which then creates a custom plan to counteract your body’s natural tendencies. 

You start by taking a few measurements of your body, which is all outlined in the book, so you can determine which among the six lifestyle groups your "genetic code" fall into. 

Among these measurements include your difference between your torso and leg lengths, as well as your blood type and even your thumbprint. 

Once you have determined your body type, the Genotype Diet will fine tune the plan in order to agree as well as optimize your metabolism through custom meal plans and recipes. 

For instance, the "Hunter" type can enjoy Grilled Steak with Red Onions while the "Gatherer" can try some Asian Vegetable Stir Fry.

Dr. Peter D’Adamo, a nutrition specialist who created the diet plan, states a study about how 70 percent of your genes are changeable because they are influenced heavily by the environment.


This diet plan comes both as a book and as an online companion.  The hardbound book price costs around $25, but discounts can be found in online book retailers. 

Meanwhile, you can also determine your body type and customize your diet through Genotype Diet Online, which costs $5 a week (with occasional discounts) and is charged quarterly.  That is around $65 for every 13 weeks.  Judging from the two options, you can tell which is more convenient.


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