French Women Don't Get Fat

French Dont Get FatIt has been such a wonder for a lot of people that French women don’t get fat. It seems that in women in France are known to enjoy eating food but don’t seem to get fat. This was especially highlighted by a bestseller book called "French Women Don’t Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for Pleasure" by Mireille Guiliano.

In this book, the author tries to explain why French women who eat the traditional way seem to stay slim and trim than American women. It sprung from an observation among French women who eat bread, drink wine and enjoy eating regular three-course meals and yet are less inclined to become obese than American women. Studies show that the French only have 11 percent of their population as obese compared to 30 percent for Americans.

The author, Mireille Guiliano, maintains that most diets don’t work is because what they offer is a round of undergoing rapid weight loss to get temporary results. She further says that most diets don’t work long term because they are based upon deprivation and sheer force of will. Part of the problem is that such diets begin to bore people after some time until they eventually lose interest and fail at dieting.

What Guiliano tries people to follow is a diet that is based on a healthy lifestyle that doesn’t rely on deprivation but instead advice on eating smaller portion sizes, and savoring food to increase the felling of satisfaction.

She also says in her book that choosing to eat small amounts of high quality food instead of large amounts of low quality food as well as drinking plenty of liquids like water, tea and soup may help one lose weight gradually. Here are some other tips that Guiliano has written on her book:

Keep a Food Journal

Having a food journal helps you realize what you are eating. Keeping track of what you eat would lead you to see eating habits that you unconsciously would not know of which might be the reason why you are getting fat. If you realize just how many bagels you are consuming, it will be easy to know what food to cut out or reduce on your daily diet.

Savor the Food You Eat

Guiliano believes that one of the reasons why French women are less inclined to get fat is because they eat using the five senses. Savoring what they eat allows them to eat less by paying particular attention to every bite of food they partake.

Slow and Steady is Best

The author aims for a lifestyle change route when it comes to losing weight. The book is not after a quick fix to weight problems but instead offers a way to make losing weight a lifestyle that can be followed. It is a slow but steady process that will gradually show effective results over the long term.


The author writes that French women don’t usually like sports or going to the gym. But they like to walk. It has been a part of the French culture to walk everywhere, which has not been the usual practice in the US. Walking a few blocks or climbing the stairs on a regular basis can do wonders even if you don’t usually go to the gym or play any type of sport.

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