Dr. Phil's Ultimate Weight Loss

Phil McGraw, most popularly known as Dr. Phil is a psychologist who catapulted himself to fame after his appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show. While he’s known for his advices from relationships to eating disorders, Dr. Phil starts tackling on obesity.

In his book, "The Ultimate Weight Solution," he opts for people to seek change regarding their behavior and thought about food, weight loss and themselves. He says that it doesn’t take counting calories and tracking carbohydrates and fats to lose weight.

In this book he reveals the way how can one be "finally control of their weight instead of their weight controlling them." Despite not a fitness or weight loss professional, but a self-improvement guru his take in the subject is a fresh and a no non-sense one.

Dr. Phils says that when we diet, we rebel to our system that’s why it usually fails. One needs to identify exactly what it is that motivates him to eat beyond three meals a day. This is refreshingly honest and ushers an almost unique perspective to the realm of weight loss books on the market today.

The book is sub-titled: "The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom" wherein diet is only one of those seven keys, a minor one actually, while the other keys play a much larger role in the overall scheme of his theme. Dr. Phil emphasizes that it takes a personal commitment and a supportive plan of action to help melt that fat away.

Unlike other diet systems that promise their customers a fast and easy way of weight loss, Dr Phil’s take is brutal but honest: losing weight is not quick and easy. His approach to weight loss involves a lifestyle change and he focuses on the causes of overeating and not on offering food supplements and out of this world diets to cut out the inches along the waist area. Basically, his is an advice of a tried and tested way of losing weight.

Here is the rundown of the Seven Keys To Weight Loss Freedom:

  • The right thinking. Be a positive thinkee and overcome negative barriers on yourself.
  • The healing feelings. Understand why you tend to overeat and learn to move past from it.
  • Create a no-fail environment. Identify the people. places and situations that surround you and focus on the positive.
  • Mastery over food and impulse eating with your diet. Understand and manage why you crave on those snacks and learn to give them up.
  • Eat high-response, high nutrition foods with your diet. Learn how to choose the right foods. Educate yourself to make better and healthier decisions.
  • Intentional exercise with your diet. Learn how to exercise according to your body, age, sex and other factors.
  • Circle of support. Find a group of people who will offer you the added support you need to help make it to your goal and find lifelong success.

Some criticize Dr. Phil’s work, saying that he doesn’t offer anything new. The main point here is that, an individual only loses weight if he really wants to lose weight, and that he is aware that it is a goal that something to work hard upon, not an instant transformation.






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