Dr. Amanda Don't Go Hungry Diet

More and more diet plans have been created not by personal trainers, but by scientific doctors. One of whom is molecular scientist Dr. Amanda Sainsbury-Salis, who was once overweight until she followed two simple body mechanisms.

The gist

Dr. Amanda told the readers of her book "Don’t Go Hungry!" that she began her journey after attempting and failing several diets. This has prompted her to turn to scientific reviews, using her own body as her own test subject. She discovered that the secret to going thin is through two simple body mechanisms: The Famine Reaction and the Fat Reaction.

The Famine Reaction is our body’s way of telling us that our food supply has become very low, creating signals that begs for food. To lose this urging demand for food, Dr. Amanda instructs us to satisfy this hunger with whole foods, including whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

If the hunger remains unsatisfied, however, the urge would only increase until it becomes so strong that we become doomed for failure. She also notes to turn to foods that are low on Glycemic Index, which increases our ability to eat until satiated while producing long-term energy results.

Meanwhile, the Fat Reaction happens when we consume foods high on Glycemic Index, as they produce high amounts of energy followed by an insulin-induced periods of low energy.

This is because highly-processed carbohydrates turn quickly to sugar and, if remained unused during the low energy periods, gets stored into fat. Dr. Amanda recommends heeding to the call of our body’s signals with low GI foods.


The Don’t Go Hungry Diet is written in outline form, which makes losing weight easy-to-follow. Its website, meanwhile, also comes with the tools you need from a personal journal, pedometer, newsletter, and other support services.


However, this diet plan is relatively new as of 2008, and the results are yet to be seen, including that of Dr. Amanda. But that does not mean this diet plan is incapable of producing positive results.


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