Don't Go Broke Weight Loss Plan

The problem with following the many fad diets available is the price tag that comes with it. Thank goodness that there are diet plans out there that could help you lose those unwanted weight without making your wallet cry. One of which even comes with a name that tells it like it is: Don’t Go Broke.

The gist

The Don’t Go Broke Weight Loss Plan was created by Dr. Kalvin Chinyere, a medical doctor and someone who struggled with weight as well. As a heavy child who grew up to become a morbidly obese person, Dr. Chinyere tipped the scales at 330 pounds. However, his life changed when he saw his own patient die from obesity-related diseases.

He then read countless medical journals and studies on successful weight loss plans, which enabled him to lose 140 pounds. He passes his successful weight loss story to his fellow weight-strugglers through a series of six e-books that you can download to your computer.

Each e-book is aimed at preparing you mentally, physically, and emotionally to lose weight without having to spend too much money on diet foods, exercise equipment, and gym membership fees.

The plan focuses on behavior modification strategies, inexpensive nutrition guides, and inexpensive exercise tips. Each e-book focuses on a particular topic and guides you towards making better choices.


The frugality of Don’t Go Broke weight loss plan is the main selling point of this program, with all six e-books costing just $19.97 and the average cost of a meal costs between $1.00 and $1.50.

The plan is also ideal for those who wanted to relate to a formerly obese person who was able to overcome his weight problem and serve as an inspiration for them to lose weight without the use of restricted diets, magic pills, and expensive exercise equipment.


However, the plan follows a strict regimen, leaving you with little or no room to customize it according to your own needs.


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