Curves Fitness Program

In today’s hectic lifestyle, women of today have difficulty balancing a lot of thing in their lives such as career and family. However, they tend to take themselves for granted, leading to changes in self-image including weight gain. This is what Curves International, a women’s gym located in the United States, would like their clients to beat by providing convenient workouts that only lasts for 30 minutes three times a week. This fitness program specifically targets women who struggle to find a time for themselves because of their busy schedule.

The gist

The Curves Program consists of 30-minute workouts that women can do for only three times a week. The workout starts with a warm-up, then aerobics followed by strength training, and finally the cool-down and stretching.

Meanwhile, the Six Week Solution is a nutritional supplement to the physical aspect of the program, letting women choose either the high-protein (for muscle toning) or the high-carb eating plan (for faster weight loss while exercising). The meal guide lets the members enjoy five meals a day while restricting consumption of manufactured food.

If you do not have a Curves branch in your local area, you can register online for $5 a week. The online guide includes tons of healthy recipes, personalized exercise plan, and tips for weight loss.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Curves Program combines an online diet, fitness plan, and gym membership all in one package. The program provides convenience by giving members workouts that only last for 30 minutes but providing the much-needed energy boost and weight loss at the same time.

It is a wonderful way to stay motivated about your fitness in a manageable amount of time. However, in order to be get yourself pumped into exercising, you must first find time for yourself, leaving all the problems of career and family behind even for just a moment.


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