Body By God Fitness Plan

Some diet plans can be so obvious that we take it for granted. This is what Dr. Ben Lerner, a chiropractor by profession, tries to tell his patients. For him, eating healthy is not about dieting but rather "undieting" by eliminating man-made foods in your personal menu and replace them with natural, "God-made" foods. Natural foods give you little or no worries about unhealthy fats, additives, and chemicals being absorbed into your body, just like how God wanted your body to be.

This simple concept is the cornerstone of Body By God fitness plan. It outlines a five-part approach that will leave you with improved health by up to 40 percent after the 40-day plan. The program consists of Nutrition, Exercise, Peace Management, Time Management, and the 40-Day Plan.

The gist

Body By God provides natural solutions for meeting your weight loss goals. The plan comes with a list of commandments that dedicated followers should live by, such as "no to processed carbs," "replace carbs with green veggies," and "no soda, tea, or coffee." The program also recommends at least three 30-minute workouts a week.

Advantages and disadvantages

Body By God has elements very similar to South Beach Diet, especially when it comes to avoiding carbohydrates. However, this fitness plan stands out because it also promotes stress management as part of your healthy lifestyle. And even though the plan commands you to avoid man-made foods, there are some natural foods it tells you to steer away such as coffee.


The title alone sounds a little gimmicky, especially with the 40-Day Plan that somehow refers to the "40 days and 40 nights" written in the Bible. However, if you get past that and not being so obsessed about eliminating everything unnatural, and presumably "not made by God," it does have its merits.


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