Bob Harper: Eat More Diet

Bob Harper’s diet plan has recently gained some popularity due to the reality show the "Biggest Loser". Bob Harper was a personal trainer that appeared for the said reality show which deals with helping obese people go through the process of losing the most weight.

Through the show, he was able to get certain notoriety as an expert in helping people lose weight and became known for developing a type of diet to help people lose weight effectively.

Bob Harper was known for his Eat More Diet. He believed that people must eat more to lose weight. The whole reasoning behind it is that if people try to eat more meals with smaller portions throughout the day, the body won’t go into starvation mode that triggers it to store fat more. By avoiding putting the body in starvation mode, it is able to burn calories more efficiently as it responds to physical activity. Doing so also helps boost body metabolism.

The idea behind the Eat More diet is eating four to six planned low fat and low carb meals that are also low in calories. The goal is to deal with hunger before it happens. If a person starts to feel hungry, then it is already too late. But this type of diet works effectively when combined with an exercise plan that helps effectively burn up energy and allows overweight people to lose their weight.

The diet starts with one learning how to keep a food journal that indicates everything being eaten at different times and at what amounts. This helps the dieter become more accountable for what he or she eats and know what needs to be changed. A food journal should be done in all honesty because it will be able to tell at what times the hunger is triggered or when the cravings come.

When it comes to exercising, the dieter should try to focus on the heart rate changes to ensure that the body is being worked out more effectively. The cardio workout should run from 20 to 45 minutes. Some resistance training is also required to help the body respond more to weight loss as well as getting a leaner body.

One should also be able to keep track of not only the lost weight but also the reduction in body fat. The reduction will show in the inches being lost in the waist along with the scale readings. Getting leaner is as important as losing excess pounds.

The Eat More Diet suggests avoiding processed food such as hot dogs, potato chips and sugary cereals. It also prohibits the consumption of processed grains such as white breads, pretzels and pastries. Cutting on carbs is also avoided as it is needed along with undergoing an exercise regimen to help boost body metabolism.

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