Bob Greene's Diet

One of the most frustrating parts of having to diet is that your dietician or health advisor asks you to follow a particular diet which you will one day do away with because the food choices that he or she suggests are simply quite ludicrous. There are diets that only allow you to inordinate amounts of protein or maybe even just something else.

Bob Greene’s Best Life Diet is not a common weight-los and diet plan that will only require you to follow a special formula for dropping that excess baggage.

One of the things that Bob Greene’s diet advocates is that there should be the introduction of slow positive eating habits in one’s life. This makes sense as the diet gives you realistic goals and ideal restrictions and introductions as you go through the different "phases" that are listed in this particular diet.

The diet plan incorporates healthy eating habits into your life so you won’t be drastically surprised when you start out with the diet plan.

The plan is separated into three different phases:

The first phase is focused on adopting exercise for a minimum of three days per week with around 30 minutes per session. If you are already exercising, you will be expected to increase the duration of your exercise from upwards of 40 minutes to a full hour for each session. You will also be given the new task of increasing the number of days wherein you exercise.

After four weeks, you will be weighing yourself in again. Should be able to drop approximately a pound a week and then continue to do so, you will be advised to stay on that first phase for a few weeks first.

The second phase will involve you taking out high-fat dairy products, white bread as well as regular pasta and swap them with their more nutritious alternatives such as olive oil, skim milk, fruits and vegetables.

The third phase of the diet plan reintroduces those previously banned foods that were taken out during the second phase and then sets you up for a lifetime of healthy eating habits coupled with a good exercise regimen.

One of the better things that one can find in this diet plan is that it encourages other people to examine the psychology of their eating habits and identify the overeating triggers that they have every now and then.

This diet plan effectively deals with the psychological, physical and nutritional aspects of one’s overall dietary plan which makes it very effective as a result.

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