Blood Type Diet

The Blood group diet is a diet plan that is based on a person’s blood group or type. Also known as the blood type diet, this diet program was advocated by Peter D’Adamo, a known naturopath and author. The basic premise of the blood group diet is that a person’s ABO blood type is a major factor in determining the diet that one should follow.

D’Adamo, the creator of the blood type diet has theorized that the body’s blood type determines how it deals with different nutrients. This is based on the idea that each blood group has its own unique antigen marker which helps the body recognize what substances are foreign and what are not. The antigen marker in each blood group may react differently to certain foods which may lead to different sorts of health problems.

D’Adamo also believes that the level of stomach acids and digestive enzymes are linked to a person’s blood type. By designing a diet that is specifically catered to a person’s blood type allows the body to digest food and absorb the nutrients more efficiently. This will further lead to possible weight loss.

The blood groups that humans are found to have today, according to D’Adamo, evolved from different times in history. The foods being eaten by our ancestors during those different times should be what people should also be following.

The first blood type to be identified was type O which was the blood type by the hunter-gatherer human ancestors. The blood type A was said to evolved later on when humans started settling and putting up farming communities. The B blood type was said to evolve when humans started being nomadic and traveled or wandered to other land regions. This then led to humans evolving the blood type AB, which was during the transition of humans to modern times.

According to the blood group diet, people need to follow a certain diet that corresponds to their own blood type in order for the body to absorb nutrients more efficiently. In this type of diet plan, each blood type has its own detailed list of diet program to follow.

Blood type O -The blood group O, being the type of the hunter-gatherer humans, follows the high-protein and low-carb diet typical of the hunter-gatherer humans during ancient times. Lots of meat and fish should consist the main diet with no dairy products, wheat and grains.

Blod type A – For people belonging to the blood type A group, a diet typical of our farming ancestors should be followed. The diet in this blood group consists of carbs from grains as well as vegetables but with little emphasis on meats. Diet for people with A blood types follow a more vegetarian diet with grains, nuts, beans, fruits, and cereals being part of the list of foods allowed.

Blood type B – For people within the B blood type group, a diet typical of our nomadic ancestors is to be followed. This means that diet for this blood type group is the most well balanced since there are less restrictions what foods to eat, although processed foods still need to be avoided.

Blood type AB – For the blood type AB group, the main diet consists of a combination of the A and B blood types. It should be mainly a mix of vegetables and consumption of meats and fishes in addition to the consumption of dairy products.


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