Beverly Hills Diet

One of the most popular diets to hit the scene is the "Beverly Hills Diet" which is a diet book which initially teaches the person who is dieting to combine the same types of foods when eating.

It is not a quick fix as some particular diets out there are engineered to be. Rather it is a lifestyle changing diet which will introduce "enzymatic fruits" into one’s diet in order to not confuse one’s enzymes during digestion.

This is the one of the most accepted diets since it is one of the most effective types of diet because of its inclusion of fruits in one’s diet. It also is a big advocate of eating the same types of foods in order to give the body a chance to digest and metabolize your food as effectively as possible. The original diet was supposed to be a guide but the new Beverly Hills Diet is a change of eating habits gone wild.

In the previous Beverly Hills Diet, you will be asked to start the diet by eating fruit for ten straight days. This will only be your diet until the 19th day wherein you will be able to eat animal protein. With the New Beverly Hills Diet, you may be able to take in animal protein as well as other foods from the different food groups during the first week itself.

In the first week you will be eating corn on the cob, baked potatoes complete with butter, fresh fruit, meat, seafood such as shrimp as well as salads with normal dressings which include vinegar in it. The typical rule of thumb for the new Beverly Hills Diet is that there is no portion control. One can even combine the foods with wine or champagne.

This new diet is a well-thought-out plan which allows for open eating with guidance. One of the most important principles that the New Beverly Hills Diet is the principle of "Conscious Combining" which essentially teaches the person to eat fruits with fruits, carbohydrates with carbohydrates and so on and so forth.

In order to make the diet effective, you should only eat proteins, carbohydrates and fruits exclusively. Combining all of these foods will only confuse one’s enzymes and digestion will not be optimal for the person who is eating.

It is recommended that the person would begin by eating a single "enzymatic fruit" at the beginning of each day. You may also eat as much fruit as you want but it is important to note that you cannot mix a certain fruit with other fruits.

Should you decide to switch to another fruit, wait one hour. And if you decide to switch to another food group, you can only do so after waiting two hours. Also, when you switch to another food group, you may not eat fruit again for the rest of the day.

There are a lot of things that you should remember but if you are looking for a diet which teaches you discipline and incorporates healthy food, you can always give this one a try.

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