5 Minute Office Workout

Sitting the whole day at the office can be blamed by millions of employees for their weight gain. However, another aspect of American life that should be blamed for the ballooning waistline and the heavier weight is the sedentary lifestyle. Because we live in the age when almost every convenience has been provided, the amount of time we get to move around is almost minimal.

This has caused alarm to well-known physical trainer Bob Harper and has teamed up with MSN to create a fitness program that you can do right in your office.

The gist

The 5 Minute Office Workout is an online series of simple exercises that clerical workers can do in their offices, keeping you active during the time when they would usually sit all day. In addition, the program also features information on how to pack a nutritious lunch for work.

There are 22 workout videos where Harper visits an unsuspecting office and teach its employees on how to get a full cardiovascular workout without leaving the office. The exercises targets your legs, abdominals, biceps, and back muscles. He suggests that these workouts should be done whenever you have free minutes to spare.

Aside from providing simple but effective nutrition advice, such as opting for dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate, the 5 Minute Office Workout website also contains a Lunch Box section, an interactive feature that allows you to determine your lunch’s nutritional value including calories, fat, and carbohydrate grams. Simply select what you ate or plan to eat, and then drop them into a simulated lunch box.


The 5 Minute Office Workout promotes physical activity inside the office as well as eating healthy meals in the office by making better options. All of these can be accessed on its website for free.

However, some of the exercise routines that Harper recommend need to use inexpensive gym equipment like a physio ball, dumbbells, and tension bands.


Workers may also get tempted to skip the workouts because they simply "do not have the time."

Meanwhile, the Lunch Box section features generalized food stuffs, skipping information about brands, serving sizes, and ingredients included. This makes the nutrition calculator prone to inaccuracies. Overall, the 5 Minute Office Workout can be worth the try.


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