5 Finger Diet

Different magazines have been featuring celebrities who have had success stories using diets that involved either restricted calories or the use of supplements. Although the weight loss is obviously seen in celebrities as they walk the red carpet or appear in television shows, we often wonder whether that diet would be the right one for us. Chances are, it is not.

Many new diets that have been appearing are not only expensive because of additional purchases of juices and health supplements you are supposed to take in, but can also be more dangerous than beneficial. Taking in 800 calories a day, for instance, would only make your body beg for more food. But granting you can do it, could you still keep the weight off after you have grown tired of the diet?

Meanwhile, we have stumbled upon this revolutionary way of weight loss called the 5 Finger Diet. The program, which is developed by Miami-based Dr. Allan Hernandez, is based on five “fingers” or ways to lose the excess pounds and even fight aging.

The first finger is called “Drop It Off,” which involves consumption of more fiber-based foods because they eliminate toxins as well as make the body feel full longer. Eating more fiber, which is found in fruits, grains, and vegetables, makes you snack less.

The second finger is “Drip It Out,” sweating out toxins by starting out an exercise program that is right for you. If you are too obese, start with simple yet exercises like calisthenics, yoga, or brisk walking. These exercises may not make you feel tired, but you can feel the sweat dripping out of your skin. The fitter your body, the more advanced workout programs you can perform. A regular exercise schedule not only increases metabolism, it also detoxify fat cells and purify the plasma in your blood.

Third is “Blow It Off,” wherein users are encourage to breathe mindfully to burn more calories and even strengthen the abdominal muscles. Breathing is also important in losing weight, according to Dr. Hernandez, because it can eliminate up to 70% of the body’s waste.

The fourth finger is “Pour It Out,” which is all about drinking plenty of clean water. A daily amount of 8 to 12 glasses of water (not including other liquids like coffee or soda) is encouraged, especially when the body is craving for salt.

Lastly, the “Burn It Up” finger is about spending 15 to 45 minutes a day for 5 to 6 days a week of doing physical activity such as exercising or doing chores around the house. Do not forget to breathe deeply and let off a healthy sweat, then end it with a relaxing shower.

The 5 Finger Diet’s website also features tips and information about healthy eating and active lifestyle that members can learn. You can also join in its Facebook page and share your progress with fellow dieters.

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