3 Hour Diet

The 3-Hour Diet was founded by fitness guru, Jorge Cruise. Cruise is known for his famous 8 Minutes in the Morning workout program for weight loss. Even though he is not a nutrition expert, Cruise has been able to say that he has been overweight at one point in his life.

With this particular diet, Cruise believes in a diet which has a strict timeline of when one should eat and what he or she should eat. This diet has three necessary steps that one should follow: Eat breakfast within one hour of rising from bed, eat every three hours and stop eating three hours before bed.

Why should you eat every three hours? According to Cruise, if you don’t do that, you’ll essentially turn on your body’s starvation protection mechanism or SPM. When this happens, your body conserves fat and burns muscle so that you will survive.

However, when this happens, your metabolism also slows down. When you eat every three hours, you help turn off your body’s SPM and consequently turn up your metabolism. You will also increase your energy levels and will be able to prevent binges as well as decrease the stress hormone cortisol, which the author says is linked to belly fat.

One good thing about this diet is that it is a diet that will allow you to still eat your favorite foods as it has a provision in the list of snack options such as a small candy bar, seven chocolate-covered almonds or 15-20 potato chips. You need not exercise for this particular diet as it is an optional thing to do.

While there are a lot of nutrition experts which believe that eating every few hours in order to keep the metabolism up. However, there is no known consensus regarding the number of hours in between each meal so Jorge Cruise’s three hours is quite arbitrary. However, he also says that if you’re off by around 15 minutes or so, that’s still okay.

The diet is a type of diet that focuses on the positive effects of keeping oneself full so that one would not essentially become so hungry that they binge. It could, however, be a bad choice for those people who seriously have no time in their busy schedule to adhere to a set eating schedule. Although it could be a bit of a hassle at first, you will be able to get used to it in the long run.


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