Hoodia Trim: Stop Your Food Craving

Hoodia has become a byword among many struggling dieters in the health-conscious Western nations.  In Canada, experts estimate that 20 to 50 percent of all adults have a weight problem, and Flora Health Company provides Canadians with a diet supplement that promises to combat those hunger pangs and gain control on appetite.

The gist

HoodiaTrim is an appetite suppressant supplement that contains hoodia, a cactus-like plant that can only be found in South Africa.  It has been used by the San Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert in order to suppress their hunger and thirst during their long hunting expeditions.  This is to prevent them from eating their previous hunt on their way to their huts.  In the West, a lot of supplements that claim they have hoodia and in reality very few of those contain actual hoodia.

HoodiaTrim assures its users that it contains real hoodia.  Also, HoodiaTrim is available in three formulations:  the 20:1 plus fat burner, 20:1 extract, and whole herb.  The first formulation contains 20 times concentration of hoodia along with a variety of other herbal fat burners such as yerba mate, green coffee beans, and green tea extract; while the second formulation only includes the 20-time concentrate of hoodia without any caffeine.  The third version contains hoodia in its purest and almost-unprocessed form.

The dosage of HoodiaTrim is to take two capsules about half an hour before each of your main meals, after which you will feel your appetite being suppressed following your meals.  This helps you in avoiding those dreaded snacking pitfalls.

Advantage and disadvantage

HoodiaTrim provides its consumers several options on how you want your diet supplement to be.  You can either go for the 100 percent concentrated hoodia, or you can also purchase a hoodia supplement with accompanying helpful herbs that are also proven to burn fat and increase metabolism.  There is only one problem, however:  HoodiaTrim is only available in Flora stores in Canada, and it is not available online.

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