Hoodia P57 Diet Pill

It has crossed the minds of many dieters the world over, how once herb can help you lose weight without an effort. It is called hoodia, a type of cactus used by the San Bushmen of South Africa to suppress their hunger and thirst as they take on long hunting expedition.

After few Westerners tried and affirmed the effectiveness of hoodia in suppressing hunger, out comes a barrage of hoodia supplements and related products such as hoodia tea, hoodia lollipops, and even hoodia chocolate squares. However, not all of them are authentic, and even if they do contain hoodia its effectiveness may not be as optimum.

The secret is in a secret molecule of hoodia, called P57 by researchers, that says to hold the secret key in unlocking hoodia’s full potential. And when it comes to providing real hoodia, the supplement Hoodia P57 promises consumers that they have that authentic herbal ingredient and more.

The gist

The P57 molecule found in hoodia brings signals to your body that it is free from hunger and thirst, even when you have not consumed any food or drink. But because hoodia is grown in the wild and is very rare, the availability of hoodia in the United States is very limited not to mention very costly. A lot of companies that sell hoodia supplements may actually be selling other cactus-like herbs that are grown in China and Mexico.

However, the makers of HoodiaP57 promise that not only they have authentic South African hoodia, but also their supplements are concentrated 20 times with not added stimulants or fillers such as green tea, guarana, bitter orange, or that dreaded ephedrine.

Advantages and disadvantages

Its website contains a lot of customer testimonials, but whether or not to believe them would be entirely up to you. Your order, however, also comes with a certificate from South Africa’s Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism that assures you that the hoodia you are getting is indeed imported from South Africa. Its website also contains contact information and customer support along with their 60-day money-back guarantee.

However, as with other hoodia supplements, a bottle of HoodiaP57 is ridiculously expensive: about $50 for a one-month supply. But thinking the amount of investment the manufacturers shell out just to get their hands on real hoodia would make you realize that they are not trying to sell you short. Your order also comes with a free magazine subscription of your choice, as well as an option to buy other sponsor products at discounted rates.

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