Ultrametabolism Diet

Different people deal with dieting differently. Some people would rather lose weight through tried-and-tested diet and exercise, while others are free spirited when it comes to dieting.

There are, however, those who follow dieting to a T, those who are patient enough to count every calorie of the foods they eat, who are disciplined enough to eliminate particular types of food in their diet. If you more of the latter, then Ultrametabolism Diet could be the one for you.

The gist

Based on the book "Ultrametabolism: The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss" by Dr. Mark Hyman, Ultrametabolism is based on a study on how food communicates with our genes. This finding has been known as "nutrigenomics."

The rules are simple: Unhealthy, fast, and greasy foods send a wrong message to your genes; meanwhile, healthful eating sends positive messages to our body, thereby responding with improved health, more energy, and a slimmer figure.

The book also debunks several dieting myths, such as whether no- or low-carbohydrate dieting will make you think, skipping meals would help you lose weight, or eating fat would indeed make you fat.

In addition to the book, its official website offers a variety of recipes as well as secrets on how to burn more calories even with less exercise.

Advantages and disadvantages

As a whole, the concept of Ultrametabolism is grounded on scientific information. Also, Ultrametabolism’s website offers free membership, wherein you can read Dr. Hyman’s blog, journal your progress in losing weight and the foods you consume, contact other members through its chat function and message boards to share experiences, build support and even exchange recipes.

However, following the diet can be frustrating at first for those who do not have the patience and discipline.

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