Three Apple a Day Diet

Noted dietician Tammy Flynn has developed an effective eating plan called Listening to the diet’s name may send nervous chills to many, but following the Three Apple a Day Diet is not literally about eating just three apples everyday.

The gist

Taking a Three Apple a Day Diet is actually about involving yourself in a long-term weight loss solution, which was developed by American dietitian Tammi Flynn. The diet’s creator holds a Master’s degree in Nutrition Science from prestigious Texas A&M University.

The diet works by eating an apple before every main meal. These amazing fruits are rich in dietary fiber that would make you feel fuller, and therefore make you eat less of each meal.

Flynn also recommends nibbling on four to five small meals a day as this eating pattern encourages weight loss to a greater extent. Remember that these meals should be healthy and low in fat.

Aside from eating an apple before every main meal, you should also eat a low-fat protein at each meal or snack. Protein satiates your hunger quicker, as well as low GI that makes you feel fuller for a longer period of time. Eating six fruits and vegetables a day, apart from three apples, will automatically cut down on energy intake and would not make you go hungry.

The eating plan also recommends eating carbohydrates that are high in fiber, unprocessed, and unsifted, as well as having low-fat dairy products like low-fat milk, yogurt, and cottage cheese.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with eating an apple before every meal, as Flynn has found in her research that doing so promotes weight loss even in "stubborn cases." A medium-sized apple contains between 250 to 420 calories, as well as 5 grams of dietary fiber and many protective nutrients. This simple dietary advice, in a nutritional standpoint, is both sensible and encouraging.


Additional expenses in purchasing apples should be expected. Also, this weight loss plan would not yield optimum results without proper exercise.

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