Thin for Life Diet

Thin for life diet"It is the best book I have ever read," commented one member about the latest weight-loss guide, which features successful dieters and their secrets on how they keep off the excess weight.

The gist

Written by dietician Ann M. Fletcher, the book "Thin for Life:  10 Keys to Success from People Who Have Lost Weight and Kept It Off" features a six-week weight control plan, as well as recipes and frank advice from a lot of diet experts.  These tips provide you with the motivation you need so that you can also be "thin for life."

The diet, as indicated in the book, focuses on foods that are high in flavor yet low in risk.  It uses the Food Guide Pyramid as its basic structure, with one portion of the pyramid being emphasized every week for six weeks.  For instance, a section on the pyramid about grains would introduce you on how to balance your carbohydrate intake and your caloric output.

The book also contains great-tasting recipes from breakfast to dinner.  With the looks of it, you would not feel deprived as you chow down a lean turkey breast sandwich on whole grain bread, steamed fish and veggies, and even fig bars for dessert. 

The program also emphasizes on developing a consistent exercise routine.  You do not have to be a gym rat, but it is important to move more and eat a little less in order to lose weight.


The Thin for Life diet plan features insightful tips and advice from successful dieters, which the program introduces by its well-outlined six-week diet plan. 


The program does not endorse any diet pills, gimmicks, or any other short cuts to dieting.  It also has tremendous amounts of credibility as the author has extensive research and experience as a dietician.


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