The Whole Grain Diet

whole breadThe whole grain diet plan is a more balanced approach to healthy dieting. The low-carb diet fads may have garnered some interest among those who wish to lose weight fast. But it has been found that low-carb diets may only work for the short term and would not be the diet of choice for people who wish to maintain a healthy weight for a long time.

Low-carb diets are also known to bring back the weight lost once the regimen is stopped. The whole grain diet may be a healthier alternative to weight loss.

Whole grains into your daily diet.

The whole grain diet plan is based on a carbohydrate and high-fiber diet. Carbohydrates consumed in the said diet comes from whole grains. The diet tries to give emphasis to the difference between consuming carbs from whole grains and refined grains. Whole grains have their natural bran and germ still intact.

When grains are refined, the bran and the germ are removed along with many of the vitamins and minerals that come with them. In the refining process, the refined grains are fortified with only some of these nutrients. The whole grain diet, just like its name, is based on the consumption of whole grains in the diet instead of using the more common refined grains used in most processed foods today.

In the whole grain diet, consumption of processed foods that make use of refined grains such as white bread, pasta, white rice etc. are removed from the daily meals. Instead, dieters are urged to incorporate whole grains into their diet as much as possible to boost fiber intake. The whole grain diet plan follows its own devised program towards losing weight. The diet program is divided into two phases- the Jumpstart Session and the Everyday Menus.

During the first phases. 

During the first phase of the diet, the Jumpstart Session, a person’s diet is strictly regulated and can last for up to two weeks. During this phase, alcohol consumption is not allowed. Dieters are limited to eating two cups of fruit a day along with 2.5 cups of vegetables per day. The meals are eaten on the same schedule and skipping meals are avoided.

During the second phases. 

On the second phase of the whole grain diet, the Everyday Menu phase, dieters are given a little more flexibility on the foods that they consume. One alcoholic beverage daily may now be permitted. Three servings of dairy or soy based food are also added along with meat that is trimmed with its fat. Dieters are only allowed to drink sugar-free drinks. Controlling portion size is still followed with meals.


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