The Traffic Light Diet

The Traffic Light Diet plan offers a new way to help you cut calories. Foods are divided into one of three colors categories based on their calorie content and nutritional value. Yes, it is being color coded. Red refers to foods with high calories and low nutrients. Amber is for the ones which is high in calories and nutrients. Lastly, green are for the ones which is plenty in calories and nutrients.

Some example of the type of food under the color green are vegetables, fruit, yogurt, seafood’s and low fat milk. Amber foods on the other hand pertains to the low-fat cheese, potatoes, lean mean, fish, pasta, breads, cereals and potatoes. The red foods cover just about everything else. The diet is basically stating that the person under this program must eat as much as they like under green foods, moderate on the amber foods and avoid or rather have a small intake of red foods to lose weight.

What else does the book include?

This terrific diet program written by the famous Judith Wills promises the person under this program to lose 1 lbs per week. The book includes a tremendous color coded chart list of the food that one must and must not eat. Each also has the option to choose which type of Traffic Light Diet is applicable to them based on their lifestyles. It also has a couple of recipes and some question and answer section all to accommodate the commonly asked questions.

Judith Wills masterpiece is supported by the government’s Health Select Committee. Traffic Light Diet is the easiest diet to follow. One does not have to count calories or make a lot of effort looking for different types of ingredients.


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