The Stillman Diet

The Stillman diet is a type of high protein diet devised by Dr. Irwin Maxwell Stillman. Developed sometime in 1965, it is considered to be one of the early forms of high protein and low carbohydrate weight loss diets that became quite popular in the late 60’s and towards the 80’s. The Stillman diet is also considered as a low fat diet as it maintains quite a strict avoidance of fat in the diet.

One of the notable features of the Stillman diet is that it promotes quick results. The diet is based on consuming protein as part of its weight loss regimen. This type of diet is based on a concept that weight loss can be aided by digestion of the protein, which takes extra effort. The body is known to spend 30 percent more extra calories by digesting protein.

Ketogenic Diet

The Stillman diet is also considered a ketogenic diet. It tries to mimic certain features of starvation in the body in order to enable to turn on the burning of fat as fuel. The low carbohydrate aspect of the diet enables this process in the body that leads to a rapid loss of body fat.

How Stillman diet work?

The typical Stillman diet consumption of unlimited amounts of protein daily taken from lean meat, eggs, poultry and seafood. The diet prescribes eating six small meals daily instead of three large ones. Foods that are not allowed include bread, fruits, vegetables and sugar.

Along with high protein consumption, dieters should also drink at least eight glasses of water daily. Coffee, tea and diet soda are allowed without limitations. The diet claims that people can lose from as much as 7 to 10 pounds on the first week of the diet and 5 pounds on the succeeding week.

Diet Pros

One of the benefits of the Stillman diet is that it offers a rapid and dramatic way to lose weight. People who follow the program seriously can lose as much as ten pounds or more during the first week.

Another advantage of the said diet is that the program may be easy to follow without being restricted to a standard menu or calorie counting based food consumption. People on a Stillman diet can eat anytime he or she wants, provided the food being eaten are those that are accepted and prescribed by the diet.

Diet Cons

One of the disadvantages of the Stillman diet is due to its high protein content. About 90 percent of the food eaten daily on a Stillman diet is made up of 90 percent protein. Such a diet can lead to a serious shortage of other vital substances needed by the body.

People on a Stillman diet are known to suffer through vitamin deficiencies if they to not take vitamin supplements along with their daily diet. A lot of expert also believe that the Stillman diet is a program that can only provide a short term means to lose weight.

People who decide to stop following the diet afterwards are known to regain the weight they lost and gain even more.

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