The Reverse Diet

The reverse diet is another weight loss plan that focuses on changing the time when people try to consume most of their calories. Normally, people tend to eat meals high in calories mostly during dinner time in the evenings. At the heart of the reverse diet is the saying, " Eat like a king for breakfast, a prince for lunch and a pauper for dinner". But this adage has been modified with a bit of twist in the reverse diet.

The reverse diet was made popular by author Trisha Cunningham who, according to her book, suffered from frequent food bingeing followed by starvation to lose weight which later left her a nervous wreck. At a momentous point in her life, she decided to reverse everything she did and this gave birth to the reverse diet. Followed by research and experimentation, the said diet led her to change from having a weight of 294 lbs to a healthier 130 lbs.

The reverse diet is actually simple in the way that it is followed. Dieters simply try to change the time that they consume calories. This is made to work along with the body’s ability to burn the calories at different times in the day. People normally has dinner as typically their largest meal of the day. This is especially true for most people struggling with their weight. If a person normally takes up more calories in the evenings than during the daytime, simply reversing the order of calorie intake would have an effect on weight loss, hence the reverse diet.

In the reverse diet, a person eats dinner foods for breakfast and breakfast foods in the evenings. The reason for this is that the body burns most of the calories and fats taken in during the day. At nighttime, the body begins to slow down on the fat and calorie burning process while it is at rest. In the normal meal schedule, a heavy dinner will result in calories being stored in the body instead of it being burned, the excess of which is converted into fat. Eating less at dinner would surely help prevent a person gaining weight.

A reverse diet regimen follows eating a large meal during breakfast to give the body the energy that it needs for the rest of the day. Medium lunch may follow only if the person feels hungry. Overeating should be avoided so as not to pile up on the calories for the rest of the day. During the evenings, a light dinner should be consumed so as not to gain more excess calories that the body may not be able to burn.

In the reverse diet, just like in any other types of diet regimen, , there are also different types of foods that should be included and foods to be avoided during meals. People should refrain from eating foods high in sugar as well as salt. People should also avoid consuming alcohol, caffeine as well as other carbonated drinks and beverages. Vegetables and fruits are musts in the reverse diet plan. Seafood, chicken and turkey are also allowed as well as eggs, red meat and pasta, if eaten in moderation.



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