The Geek Diet

Geek DietHave you ever found a geek who has a really fit body? Except for a few exceptions, most geeks are not in good physical shape. With everybody else is riding the diet bandwagon, should the geeks be far behind? They may try several eating programs and diets, but eventually lose their interest on dieting altogether. It kinda makes you wonder, "Why are geeks not physically fit?" But then you realize that it’s not because they prefer to be out-of-shape, but because they believe that the dieting programs available today do not work for them.

A study by UCLA revealed that almost all diets do not work because the deprivation factor of some programs are counter productive and usually gives off a temporary change. But a new diet plan believes that majority of diets fail because they focus on changing the what foods to eat, and not how you eat.

The Geek Diet offers a new twist in dieting. Primarily targeting geeks, the book caters to people of all ages and sizes. The author bases some of his dieting philosophy on the audio version of "Mindless Eating" by Brian Wansink. The Geek Diet works by enabling you to change your eating habits permanently; reduce portion sizes, increase fruit and vegetable intake, reduce the number of high-caloric and high-fattening indulgences you consume; and retrain your mind to be satisfied with healthy snacks.

Do not the let the title fool you though, as the Geek Diet is a fun light read. The author uses common sense that you need to get by for a healthier eating. The book offers various rules to live by without telling you which foods to stay away from and how much you should eat them, giving you more freedom to choose your diet path without the guilt about counting points or weighing calories. However, the "diet" part of Geek Diet kicks in as you reduce the size of your plate to reduce your portions, consume more fruits and vegetables, running more often, and eating only when hungry.

The great thing about the Geek Diet is that it is more of a public service than mere dollar-churning marketing. For one, the cost of the book costs only $10, even less if you download. Also, beyond the gimmicky title, this diet plan can be beneficial for everybody who wants a simple solution to their weight woes.


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