The French Don't Diet

French dont dietDr. Will Clower, an award-winning neurophysiologist, seemed to notice why the French people seem to be in great shape despite the fact that they eat food Americans would deem "fattening" such as butter, cheese, chocolates, and even the most despised bread (by Atkins and South Beach, at least).

And like any curious scientist, he sought the reason why is this so. He discovered that you really don’t need to eat "low-fat" and "lite" foods, and even exercising, to keep the weight off for good. Clower eventually published his best-selling "The French Don’t Diet".

Eat the foods you love – Dr. Clower has found that natural foods have been overwhelmingly replaced in the American diet with unnatural foods, which he like to called "faux foods". These include processed products and additive-filled convenience products, especially those marketed as "low-fat" and "low-carb". He concludes that we gain weight because we are not eating what our bodies need.

Rapid weight loss – Although you are permitted to eat anything, including wine, you are required to have more balanced meals. High-glycemic foods like white bread, waffles, donuts, cornflakes, potatoes, and watermelon are a no-no during this "starting phase".

Control the weight – Once you are able to get the results that you want, you are able to eat a broader variety of foods, including high-glycemic ones. However, eat in smaller portions and "faux foods" are still out on the list. Eating at longer times-such as chewing your food slowly-and shopping for the freshest foods and ingredients are a must.

Saying "yes" to "no" – You have been told to say "no" to cheese, butter, bread, and chocolate. The French Don’t Diet lets you say "yes", but in moderation.

Losing weight by leisure – Aside from eating rich and sumptuous foods, the French stay thin by taking a leisurely approach to life. As Dr. Clower points out, the French hate working out as much as Americans; the difference is that the French lead a much more active lifestyles. The book offers a step-by-step program to incorporate the French lifestyle into your daily routine.

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