The Food Doctor

In the United Kingdom, a diet plan has been all the rage among those who seek of losing excess weight and it has been around for over 10 years.

The gist

The Food Doctor plan was founded by Dr. Ian Marber, a respectable authority in nutrition.  The program has been yielding one success story after another through personalized plans that are created by one-on-one meetings with nutritionists, as well as the support of the many Food Doctor books available in the market.

The program was originally founded in a clinic in Holland Park, London, which still operates today.  Clients get to meet Dr. Marber’s team of nutrition professionals and be able to identify specific concerns that could be affecting the way they lose weight. 

Aside from weight loss, the specialists at the Food Doctor Clinic also meet with patients who are beset with skin allergies, eating disorders, cardiovascular problems, digestion problems, and other health-related issues.

Although not everyone can be able to visit the clinic, Dr. Marber has provided his program in print through eight different titles.  The plan begins with a seven-day jumpstart aiming to make your feel more comfortable with eating healthier.  This is followed by 10 easy guidelines about making healthier and smarter food choices. 

Meanwhile, The Food Doctor website provides a vast resource of health-related issues, such as what foods that would cause your child to become more hyperactive.  The site also introduces its visitors to their line of snacks and other diet foods.


It is best that you get the full advantage of The Food Doctor program, from the books down to the online support and even visits to their clinic; so that you can be well-equipped with tools that would help you lose weight. 


However, residents in United States may feel frustrated as some food items the program recommends are more commonly available in Britain.


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