The Cookie Diet

Diet fads seem to pop up everywhere like a fungus you can’t get rid of. Many of us find dieting to be worse than Chines torture and finding a quick solution to the Battle of the Bulge seems to good to be true. Well most fad diets are too good to be true and the Cookie Diet is the latest fad that is simply unbelievable.

When Dr. Sanford Siegal unveiled his diet that allows you to eat cookies all the while losing 15 pounds a month. The news media jumped on such an overwhelmingly unbelievable diet and a fad was born.

Before all the skeptics leave with muttered oaths, let’s examine what makes eating those cookies a plausible diet. Siegal’s plan is a low calorie diet where the dieter is only allowed 800 calories a day.

The dieter eats six of the special Siegal cookies when hungry throughout the day. Along with eight glasses of liquid, only one meal is eaten, dinner consisting of 6 ounces of lean protein (no red meat) and one cup of vegetables.

The key to the whole insanity is those specially crafted cookies. Siegal claims there is no problem with the diet in terms of patient safety. The cookies do not act as a diet pill and they do not have drugs in them.

Instead the cookies contain amino-acids in the form of hunger suppressing proteins: whole wheat flour, oats, rice and bran. If you aren’t too fond of chocolate, the cookies also come in raisin and coconut flavors. Don’t expect them to taste as good as those Oreos though.

Critics have blasted that the 800 calorie a day diet is far below what the body needs everyday. The diet is also lacking in fruits and vegetables that provide necessary vitamins and minerals. Even Siegal agrees that the diet wasn’t a long term solution to the problem of losing weight.

Ultimately the decision rests on the dieter. And like most fad diets it is really a matter of chance whether or not it will work. Five pounds a month is often cited as the best level of weight loss and with the Cookie Diet you can have this and eat your cookies too.

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