Subway Diet

Fast food chains as source of diets: sounds unreal right? Health conscious individuals who have seen the documentary film Supersize Me could have swore their eating habits at McDonald’s or any fast food restaurants imaginable. However, they should try erasing Subway from that hate list of restaurants fro considerable reasons.  

The Subway diet is created by then junior college student, Jared Fogle, in the lae 1990’s. Jared, who tipped the weighting scale at 425 pounds, caused a sensation by losing 245 pounds by eating only submarine sandwiches from the Subway restaurant chain for a year. The news of his ultimate weight loss spread throughout the nation and he become a marketing icon as spokesman for the sandwich chain.

The Subway diet requires the replacement of two meals each day with the sub sandwiches. Dieters can choose from the "Eight Under Six" section, which contains subs with 6 grams of fat or less.

Indicated here is a sample menu which Fogle followed for his weight loss program:

Lunch: six-inch turkey sub, no mayo, no oil and a bag of baked potato chips.

Dinner: A foot long veggie sub.

Drinks: Unlimited diet soda through the day or water  

Things to avoid: Cheese, mayonnaise and oil

Although there is no ‘official’ Subway diet, most people refer to the diet that Jared Fogle used as he was losing weight. This Diet would healthier if augmented by a light morning meal of yogurt or fruit, and skimmed milk for sources of calcium. Never skip breakfast, it’s always an essential part of the day. With a closer look, Jared Fogle was simply following a low-calorie diet.

The only issue with this type of diet is the price. As one critic has mentioned, Fogle never revealed how much he had spent throughout the diet, but nevertheless the diet is an effective one, provided that the dieter could make good choices and stick with it.


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