Slimming World Diet

Slimming World diet is a dietary regimen that is more popularly known as "Food Optimizing". This type of diet is based on a calorie-restricted diet plan to help bring about weight loss.

This diet is known for having some type of foods known in the diet plan as "free foods". These are foodstuffs that are considered for their low calorie content, their high nutrient value, as well as how filling they can be. "Free foods" can be eaten in unrestricted amounts in the Slimming World diet plan.

The Slimming World diet plan aims to help people slim down to a healthier weight more easily and without being deprived or ever feeling hungry. With this diet plan, eating out will not be out of the question and people can still enjoy eating socially while slimming down.

The diet regimen also considers consumption of essential nutrients that can help protect people from serious illnesses. The Slimming World diet also allows people to eat to satisfy their appetite at any time of the day or night.

Food optimizing allows people to have control over the food that they eat when on a Slimming World diet. Food optimizing allows dieters to choose between "red days" or "green days". Upon choosing, dieters then has to stick to that choice for the day. And then there is the "free food" list which contains types of food that can be eaten without restriction. The diet also allows choices for eating what they call as "sin" food per day.

Diet during green days is usually composed of fiber-rich carbohydrate and protein foodstuffs such as grains, noodles, rice, and pasta. Other choices include legumes, eggs, tofu and low fat cheese. Dieters can eat as much of the foodstuffs listed provided that the week does not go over consuming over 10 eggs.

During red days, food choices include poultry, red meat, shellfish, offal, tofu, eggs and low fat cheese. Along with both choices for the day diet, dieters are also made to choose between "healthy options" which contain a list of food that are measured in terms of amount eaten daily. "Sin"food are those that are considered as food with their own corresponding sin values or points. This would depend on what type of food they are.

The Slimming World diet recommends not taking "sin" foods with a value of more than 15 points daily. Vegetables and most fruits are considered as "free foods" in the Slimming World diet and can be consumed without restrictions with the exception of some including, avocados, sweetcorn, parsnips and potatoes.

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