Sacred Heart Diet

The first time you hear it, you thought the Sacred Heart Diet was created with religious undertones. But actually, this 7-day eating plan is supposedly comes from the Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital, although several reports on the Internet do not agree. The diet is supposed to have been used for overweight heart patients to lose weight quickly, usually before surgery.

Either way, the Sacred Heart Diet claims that you could lose weight quickly, even by as much as 10 pounds or more in a week, simply by eating a special soup made from broth and vegetables. In addition, it claims that it is intended to wash your body of impurities while giving you a surge of energy without taking in caffeine or other energy-enhancing products. The diet plan provides guidelines on which foods and drinks to consume. It also includes a thorough list of foods and beverages that you should not eat. It closely resembles the Cabbage Soup Diet.

The soup is made from 11 ingredients including stewed tomatoes, chicken noodles, green beans, and carrots, all while eliminating the consumption of bread, alcohol, fried foods, and carbonated beverages. You are supposed to consume this sacred soup in addition to certain kinds of fruit, allowable beverages, protein, and other cooked or canned vegetables. As you progress with your diet, you can get to eat lean beef, chicken, fish, and dairy.

The diet may sound like a fluke, but it does have some benefits. For one, the Sacred Heart Diet prevents you from consuming certain processed foods. Besides, how could you go wrong by eating vegetables, fresh fruits, and lean protein? Its one-week period makes it even more enticing for those who are impatient to take an exercise program or other long-term eating plans.

However, others may find the Sacred Heart Diet too restricting, especially that there are a lot of foods that you should avoid. The problem with such restrictions is that some people may no longer tolerate it and instead resort to binging. And while there is nothing wrong with eating vegetables, the soup itself does not guarantee that it actually make you burn calories.

Although there are no scientific proofs that the Sacred Heart Diet can actually help you lose weight, the foods that let you consume are actually beneficial to your health. It provides you with a recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables, but bear in mind that relying on this diet too much may lead to some stomach cramps, especially if your body is not used to eating too much soup.


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