Popcorn Diet

pop corn According to this weight loss diet, the ultimate movie house food, the popcorn, can help cut inches to your expanding waistline. Who wouldn’t be tempted anyway? Popcorn comes in handy, is expensive, easy to cook and available in varieties at most markets.

It is high in dietary fiber (0.9 grams per cup) while the hot0air popcorn is ultra low in calories and fat. When eaten regularly – minus the excess butter and salt – popcorn can be part of a healthy, low calorie diet.

To lose weight with the popcorn diet:

  • Eat a few small healthy meals composed of high protein and low-fat foods as well as vegetables and fruits each day.
  • Instead of eating the usual snack foods, use only popcorn. Stay away from foods that are high in fat and calories
  • Drink water instead of soda and other sugary juices.
  • Pop the popcorn without using oil to keep it low-calorie.
  • Enjoy the hot-air popcorn plain and eat as much of this popcorn as you wish, which keeps you full because of its high fiber content. 

However, this diet has a lot of setbacks too. While eating tasteless hot-aired popcorn alone can help you trim down, it would still be normal for one to get tempted add up a little butter or salt on it to make the meal stay away from the boring quadrant. When this happens, the supposed diet food may contain more calories and fat than potato chips.

In addition, too much corn can make the absorption of Vitamin B difficult, which will greatly affect those who has deficiency with the vitamin, causing them to experience skin rashes, depression, anemia, memory loss and low energy levels. There are also individuals whose digestive systems are sensitive to corn.

When compared to other diets, this one is not largely recommended. People tend to quickly get sick of a bland diet, which can make the popcorn diet difficult to stick to. While popcorn can help to your diet, mankind does not live by popcorn alone.


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