NutriSystem Diet

The NutriSystem Diet, based on the Glycemic Index (GI) of Carbohydrates is a "send you the food" diet plan. It is an online, weight loss system wherein consumers order pre-packaged meals from their website and deliver them to the participants’ door. The dieters will have to follow a specific plan, eating five meals a day which comprise of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and a dessert.

As it is based on the GI which ranks carbohydrates according to their effect on blood sugar levels, the NutriSystem promised to stabilize blood sugar levels by loading up on low GI carbohydrates, or carbs that easily break down and release glucose int he bloodstream, in combination with protein and fiber-laden foods. With this plan, dieters will be kept satisfied, away from hunger.

The 28-day programs are categorized according to the following: Women’s Men’s Silver for Women, Silver for Men, Type II Diebetic or Vegetarian. Each plan includes menus and checklists that guide dieters what to eat and when to eat them.These plans are catered because weight loss expectations vary depending on sex, age, activity level and the amount of weight loss goaled to achieve.

To participate in NutriSystem, one has to set up an account, set a weight loss goal and create a meal plan. The online program provides information and articles on exercise plans, nutrition information, tips on motivation and even fashion advice. Consumers can select foods according to their preferences and order the meal plan foods online or over the phone.

There is a wide variety of foods to choose from; the initial shipment includes a free week of meals and snacks. Each meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) comprises of an entrée, dairy and fruit or salad servings. Afternoon snack composes of a NutriSystem bar or dairy plus a fruit serving. There is also a specified NutriSystem dessert.

Some studies on the program reveal an average customer stays on the system for nine and one half weeks only. This is probably due to the fact that the customers do lose the weight they aspired but they want to get back on eating fresh foods again. Nutrisystem is pre-packaged and it departs from tasting like fresh, whole fruits and vegetables. This means that this system is recommended for short term corrections but not a permanent eating style.

NutriSystem is definitely for people who find the convenience of pre-packaged food while taking a diet. These are for dieters who care less on flavor and for those who can pay the price of $300 for a 28-day meal.


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