Negative Calorie Diet

Did you hear it right, a diet that actually gives negative calories?  It is quite a controversial subject, but the proponent of the Negative Calorie Diet believes that certain foods require your body to burn more calories than the food can provide nutritionally, thus creating a "negative effect."

The gist

Not all foods can easily be digested by the human body.  This extra effort our digestion system does whenever we eat foods that are supposedly tougher to digest would, as they say, result in negative calories and eventually make you lose weight.  The secret is consuming a particular set of foods that are high in cellulose such as asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, apple, grapefruit, celery root, radishes, and onions.

For more information about the Negative Calorie Diet, you need to buy the book "Foods That Cause You to Lose Weight:  The Negative Calorie Effect" by Neil Barnard, which includes some of the benefits of exercise and appetite control.

Advantages and disadvantages

The diet almost sounds like magic, giving little effort with maximum results.  However, the Negative Calorie Diet lacks scientific proof.  In fact, it is believed that taking a diet exclusively out of nutrient-lacking, high-cellulose foods that are difficult to digest could lead to malnutrition, which many may mistake as weight loss but they are actually putting their bodies into danger.

Overall, the Negative Calorie Diet is more restrictive than even the Vegan Diet that centers on organic vegetables.  The lack of nutrition you get from a particular list of fruit and vegetable may lead to more serious health problems, including eating disorders.

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