Maple Syrup Diet

This helpful article provides information about the Maple Syrup Diet Plan, which is also known as the Beyonce Diet.  Maple syrup diet was said to have made the celebrity lose up to 21 pounds in just two weeks, all by taking a concoction from a special Maple syrup Diet recipe which you can read here.

The entertainment press wondered how Beyoncé Knowles was able to drop an astounding 21 pounds in just two weeks for her movie "Dreamgirls." She admitted that she ate nothing during that time period and was only surviving on a diet made of maple syrup.

The gist

The Maple Syrup Diet (also known as the "Master Cleanse" or "Lemonade Diet") is not really a diet, but rather a detoxification program where all the toxins from your body are removed. It was pioneered during the 1950s by naturopath Stanley Burroughs.

The program not only aims to lose some extra weight, but also claims that it enables practitioners to "see better, smell better, hear better, and feel better."

All you need to do is to concoct a special mixture of 20 ml Grade B maple syrup, two tablespoons freshly-squeezed lemon juice, half a pint of hot or cold spring water, and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Drink the concoction twice in every meal for up to 10 days, all while not eating any food during the process.

You could also opt taking this special drink as a replacement for breakfast and dinner, all while avoiding several "bad foods" like sweets, processed foods, fried food, and red meat; or you could detox once a week while skipping food in the process.

Advantages and disadvantages

Health experts say that the Maple Syrup Diet is one of the most extreme diets available and is potentially dangerous mainly because of limiting calorie intake.

A tablespoon of maple syrup, for instance, only contains 26 calories. This means that you are consuming at least 312 calories a day, which may leave you hungry, irritable, and lacking in energy.

Not only is the maple syrup diet low on calories, but also on nutrition. The concoction has almost zero amounts of protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and naturally-occurring plant chemicals that can help us keep fit and healthy.

Side-effects of this diet include constipation due to low nutrient levels (or very frequent bowel movements, depending on your body make-up) as well as an increased risk of tooth decay.


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