Jenny Craig Diet

The Jenny Craig Diet commercial diet that is endorsed by the person it was named after. This particular diet has been able to help various dieters lose weight and shed those extra pounds for more than 21 years now. This particular diet program is very popular because it has several "JC Centers" that give out advice to the different dieters who are in need of their nutrition advice and counseling.

This type of diet features a well-balanced type of diet which consists of 60% carbohydrates, 20% fat and 20% protein. This is one diet that adheres to the food guide pyramid.

Another feature of this particular diet is that you will be counting calories. But instead of religiously doing the counting by yourself, you will be given a specific "calorie level" and then different counselors of the JC Diet Centers will be guiding you step-by-step on how to be able to follow a specific level using an exciting mix of JC cuisine or grocery-store food. This strategy is helpful since you will be accountable to a JC diet counselor.

Another feature of the counseling aspect of the JC diet is that you will be assigned a specific calorie intake so that you will be able to hit that target calorie level in order to be able to lose weight as safely as possible. If one follows this type of diet strategy, you will find out that you will be able to lose a significant number of pounds because it is a diet and a fitness regimen combined into one.

There are also "Jenny Craig prepackaged foods and meals" which you are strongly encouraged to purchase. The different prepackaged foods will be your diet from the time that you start the diet until a few weeks. After you follow this particular diet religiously, you will eventually switch and transition into cooking your very own meals.

Your diet will essentially consist of complex carbohydrates as well as healthful fats which are of course unsaturated. Add to the mix some portions of lean protein and you’ve basically got what you need to shed those unwanted pounds.

How this differs from the different types of calorie-counting-diets is that instead of counting individual calories from the separate foods that you take in, you count instead in the number of food groups as well as exchanges that you eat. These food groups can be categorized in the same way that you classify foods yourselves. (i.e. Vegetables, fruits, proteins, dairy products, etc.)

The great thing about the Jenny Craig diet is if you are too caught up in work or if you’re too busy to shop for yourself and do your own food hunting, you can simply ask one of Jenny Craig’s diet counselors to help you in sticking to your diet.

This type of accountable type of dieting will significantly help you lose weight in the long run. Whatever type of person you are, you can customize your dieting plans with the help of the Jenny Craig diet. Ultimately, the only thing you’ll lose is the flab on your gut.

Long a familiar part of the diet landscape, the Jenny Craig (JC) program has spent more than 21 years helping dieters shed pounds. Initially dieters traveled to JC Centers for advice. Now Craig, a former overweight mom, is broadening her client base with Jenny Direct, a home-based program with telephone counselors, food delivery and an interactive Web site.

Need a cookbook, exercise video or basic exercise equipment? If it’s part of a diet and fitness regimen, chances are Craig sells it on the Web site. She also markets her own brand of cuisine. And serious do-it-yourselfers can always try to find an old copy of Jenny Craig’s ‘What Have You Got to Lose: A Personalized Weight Management Program’ at a library or used bookstore. The now out-of-print tome shows how to put together the JC home program sans cuisine or counselors.

Personalized exercise and behavioral strategies are crucial. Clients work with consultants to determine an appropriate calorie intake, ranging from 1,200 to 2,300 calories a day. The diet’s newest program, called YourStyle, customizes the program further based on a person’s eating style, level of activity, and "weight-loss mindset."

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