Fat Flush Diet

Introduced in the late 1980s, the Fat Flush Plan can help you reshape your body while detoxifying your system. This low- carbohydrate, three- phase diet regimen focuses on eating the right fats rather than restricting any kind of fat.

The diet also emphasizes on eating the right carbohydrates and protein. The Fat Flush Plan promises to melt fat from the hips, waist, and thighs in two weeks.

In principle, the diet plat targets the liver, which is called a “fat-burning furnace.” Many people have tired and toxic livers. The first phase of the diet helps detoxify the liver and makes it healthy, thereby jump starting your weight loss. By phase, dieters are slowly adding back “friendly carbs” like brown rice.

In phase three, dairy foods are reintroduced in the diet. There are more choices in the oil and fruit groups. Along with the following eating plan, dieters are supposed to get adequate sleep, keep a journal, and exercise.

Gradually, dieters increase their calorie intake, starting in Phase One with 1,100 to 1,200 calories; then 1,200 to 1,500; and finally in the maintenance phase, 1,500 or more per day. The followers of the Fat Flush Plan follow specific rules such as one protein per meal, no vegetables and fruits eaten together, no milk or meat together, no water with meals, etc.

All the three phases of Fat Flush Plan include eating “powerful proteins” like lean meat, eggs, and fish; “colorful and friendly carbs” like fruits and vegetables; omega-3-rich fats like flaxseed and evening primrose oil; spices like ginger, cayenne, and cinnamon; the “The Long Life Cocktail”- a mixture of cranberry juice, psyllium seed or flaxseed and water.

The Fat Flush program has all the elements of a good and healthy weight loss program. Remember that this diet is a detox or cleansing diet, that’s why Phase One seems to be very restrictive. Unless healthy eating patterns are applied to your lifestyle, any benefits gained will soon be lost.

However, the calorie level in Phase 1 may be too low for some people, especially among men, and the lower calorie levels could slow down the metabolism rather than speeding it up.

Fortunately, this plan has a significant exercise portion, and longer exercises are even added during Phase Three. Despite all these, there is little chance the calorie levels of the first two phases will support the body’s needs during the strong exercise regimen.

To maximize the effects of your Fat Flush Diet Plan, here are our best tips:

Do not diet alone– Like in any exercise program and diet plans, it is best to have a health buddy you are taking the diet with. You can have your buddy give you sorely needed moral support and motivation. You can start by having your spouse as a health buddy. If you have difficulty convincing anyone, there are on line groups that support each other.

Clean out your cupboards– Remove every possible temptation in your kitchen, especially if you are in Phase One. Out of sight is out of mind. Once you are gradually getting through the stages, you could introduce new and healthy products in your cupboard.

Get organized– Some recipes call for exact measurements. To save time, measure them the day ahead and store them in the fridge before preparing. Organize your cupboard and fridge into different food groups for easy access.

Plan your meals– Do not fall in to the temptation of impulsive eating. Put all the food that you need for the day in the fridge. Not only do you end up choosing the right food, it also looks like you have a lot of food to consume.

Beat binges with healthy snacks– Keep a small cooler of vegetables and cranberry water and enjoy them on your way home from work. You should keep in hand some healthy snacks like strawberries to eat whenever the urge to eat strikes.

Drink enough cranberry water– It is best to use a measuring cup when preparing cranberry water, especially since you increase it’s intake ( as well as the cranberry juice-water ratio) as you get on with your plan.

Write on your journal– Your journal is not just for decorative purposes. Jot down your food cravings to help you pinpoint what areas need support.

Make protein smoothies, not froths– Add the whey powder last and blend it for a few seconds to avoid frothing.

Get flaxseed capsules– Consuming flaxseeds can be a bit messy. Buy flaxseed oil capsules to make your life simpler. These capsules are available at any local pharmacy. Make a salad dressing out of flaxseed oil, apple cider vinegar, garlic, lemon, ground flaxseed, spices and a little amount of Dijon mustard.

Give yourself a pep talk– Set a personal goal each day and talk your way towards achieving that goal. You can be your own personal cheering squad.

Avoid sugar at all costs– A recommended way to beat those sugar-cravings is to consume fruit or chew a sugarless chewing gum. You could also cut an apple and sprinkle cinnamon on it. Another sugar alternative would be artificial sweeteners.

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