Eat More Weigh Less Diet

eat more weight lessIt would be everyone’s music to their ears if they hear that there is an eating program that lets you eat more yet weigh less. However, it may turn out to be a screech once you realize the amount of dedication needed.

The gist

The Eat More, Weigh Less eating program is developed by Dr. Dean Ornish, a medical practitioner who believes that the only way to lose weight is not to feel so frustrated on every diet program you failed that you end up not dieting at all. The program is vegetarian in approach, but the author assures his readers that you can feel full even on limited food choices.

The secret is consuming meals that are low in fat yet loaded with vegetables and carbohydrates that would leave you satisfied enough even before having a full stomach.

The meals featured in the book are also packed with fiber to help you maintain a feeling of fullness and avoid having the dreadful blood sugar spikes that leave you wanting for more food.

With continued use, the Eat More, Weigh Less Diet also contributes to your wellness by minimizing the risk of weight-related problems like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.


Eat More, Weigh Less Plan promises dieters that you remain that full feeling all while losing weight and still savoring delicious meals.

Examples of his recipes include Southwester Vegetable Stew, Stuffed Zucchini with Tomato Sauce, and Blueberry Pancakes.


The first stumbling block in taking this diet program is the limitations set in regards on what to eat. Not everybody can embrace the vegetarian lifestyle.


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