Eat-Clean Diet

This helpful article provides information about the Eat Clean Diet by Tosca Reno.  This lifestyle-based program involves opting for healthier food choices as well as regular exercise.

Imagine a 40-something woman with three children and weighing over 200 pounds. Months later, she ended up as a swimsuit model! Sounds impossible? Let magazine columnist Tosca Reno proves you otherwise.

The gist

After seeing her weight go up and down right before her eyes, Tosca Reno finally decided at 40 that enough is enough. She developed her own diet plan, which eventually became known as the "Eat Clean Diet," wherein natural-made foods are the sustenance of choice rather than the man-made variety.

Reno actually does not like referring to the program as a diet because it gives an impression that you are being deprived of eating certain foods. The Eat Clean Diet is more of a lifestyle change, as you create better choices without having to sacrifice your love for food.

Some of the changes that you need to adapt include having to eat five to six times a day, with about 300 calories on each meal; eating a combination of complex carbohydrates with protein on every meal; drinking at least two liters of water every day; and sticking to portion sizes.

You could also learn new exercise routines courtesy of Reno as she demonstrates it on her website. The Oxygen Minutes are short exercise videos that Reno does on behalf of Oxygen magazine, where she also writes a column,


Although the Eat Clean program prohibits you from taking in man-made foods like bread and processed meat, you can always go for the natural varieties such as grains and lean meats.

Just like what Reno said, the program does not deprive you from eating and at the same time you can get a lot of delicious and free recipes on the website.


The content of her book, however, may have some fairly exaggerated claims about her recommended supplements, and these supplements do not come in cheap.

Meanwhile, the website does not have any online support like forums and such. Nevertheless, Reno’s inspiring story may help you get up and run to the nearest market for some fresh produce.


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