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diet power

Celebrities seem to have it easy.  They can easily fit into those tight jeans and fit clothing because of their dedicated exercise regimen that requires having a personal trainer and even a nutritionist. 

However, getting the services of a nutritionist alone could cost a fortune for the average people, and it is not surprising that more and more people are becoming obese and overweight because of their lack of adequate knowledge about nutrition.

And with the improving online technology, now you can gain access on your very own personal dietician with the help of Diet Power. 

The gist

Diet Power is a software program that works in your home computer, guiding you on your personal diet journey as well as gaining more knowledge about health and nutrition than you would ever learn on your own.

Using Diet Power is really simple.  All you have to do is just enter your goal weight and date into the program’s Goal Setter, then maintain your daily entries in the Food Log, recording everything that you have eaten.  This data is then transferred to the Calorie Bank, which you need to stay balanced in order to reach your goal. 

It also provides information about over 1,000 different exercises as well as over 11,000 foods.  It also awards extra calories for exercise, which you record by clicking the Exercise Log button. 

Its vast exercise database gives you a quick review on how many calories you have burned while performing any physical activity from competitive sports, bricklaying, to even housework; all of these are customized according to your current body weight.

Diet Power also comes with a Nutrition Coach that helps you learn more about the foods that you eat, as well as a Nutrient History that keeps tabs on all of the fat, carbohydrates, proteins, and essential vitamins and minerals that come with your meal choices.  You could also gain access to the online community as well as enjoy loads of other features like the recipe analyzer and nutrition news.

Advantages and disadvantages

Diet Power contains a very large database on nutrition facts and calorie burn rates, making this an effective tool you can use alongside your diet plan.  One great thing about this program is that it easily adjusts itself according to your current weight as well as your progress. 

If the exercises you perform increase your metabolic rate, the program advises you to increase your calorie bank according.  On the other hand, if your workouts slow your weight loss because of increase in muscle mass, it will also tell you to decrease your calorie intake to keep weight intact.

It has also received positive reviews from major newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post, as well as different magazines such as Bridal Guide, Fitness, and even Journal of the American Dietetic Association.  It was also awarded the Top Gear Award by in Website category, as well as the Top Download Pick of the Year by PCWorld.

Starting Diet Power begins with a no-obligation 15-day trial, which assures you that you are not automatically enrolled in an auto-shipment program.  Your subscription is simply cancelled if you do not intend to continue with the program. 

However, if you are interested, simply make a one-time payment of US$49.99 for download, and US$59.99 for CD.  If you think you cannot afford such a steep price, come back to the site every now and then as they provide price-down specials.

What is the downside of Diet Power?  It does not work without a computer.

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