Diet Improvement And Your Heart

One of the main factors that affect your heart health is your diet. A diet based of processed foods, high in salt and preservatives can do harm to your heart. Improving your diet can benefit your heart health. You can choose to include foods that are more organic and will benefit your heart greatly. You do not have to look that far to find them. You have choices available right there already found in your kitchen. You only need to be aware what they are. and add them into your daily diet. Here are some heart-friendly diet improvement options that you can consider.

Use more ginger or turmeric

Adding ginger or turmeric into your food does not only give it some spice. It also is good for your heart. Ginger and turmeric are loaded with antioxidants that help protect the cell molecules from free radicals which can cause damage to the body tissues such as the arteries. Both are also known for their anti-inflammatory properties. They help prevent inflammation, which is a known contributor to heart disease. Adding them into your diet twice a week will help you reap their cardio-linked benefits.

Add more beans

Consider adding more beans into your diet for your heart’s benefit. Beans are known to be rich in folate, a type of B vitamin. Studies show that getting about 136mcg of folate a day can reduce a person’s stroke risk by 20 percent as well as about 33 percent lesser risk of developing heart disease compared to those who get less of the said B vitamin. By adding a cup of beans to your diet daily, you can get as much as 300 mcg of folate.

Consider a high-fiber breakfast

Eating a high-fiber breakfast can benefit your heart health. Fiber is a type of carbohydrate that your body cannot digest. It has the ability to lower blood pressure as well as your cholesterol levels, both of which can help boost up your heart health. Not only that. Fiber also makes you feel full longer, helping you eat less throughout the day. This can help you lose weight, which is ideal for heart



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