Blood Type Diet

It seems that the number of types of diet that one can go on is virtually limitless. According to another doctor who specializes on dieting, in order to lose weight, you should essentially eat for your specific blood type. This is because if you do that, a right chemical reaction happens and this triggers a certain harmony in your system.

This particular reaction is said to be a section of your genetic inheritance and is caused by "lectins". These are said to be all over your body and it is quite abundant in foods. These lectins have agglutinating properties which essentially affect a person’s blood.

The theory is, if you eat a particular food that contains specific lectins which are incompatible with your blood type, these lectins target a specific organ or even a whole bodily system and it will essentially begin to agglutinate blood cells that are around that area. They will eventually cause a lot of problems. This can eventually balloon to a certain point that it will affect you in a negative way if not for your immune system.

One of the reasons for the ineffectiveness of these particular lectins is that most of them are actually sloughed off by the body. However, the remaining five percent are the ones which are filtered into the bloodstream and trigger different negative reactions in your body. 

In order to restore your body’s natural "genetic rhythm", you should always be aware that you should follow a definite and scientifically-researched plan based on your own cellular profile. In order to do that, you must know what types of foods you should eat and not eat.

For example, Type O people are under the "meat eaters" profile and they need to avoid wheat, kidney beans, mustard greens, cauliflower and lentils. For Type A people, they should take off lima beans, meat, dairy foods and wheat from their diet. Type B people, if they want to lose weight, they should avoid corn, peanuts, sesame and wheat. Finally for Type AB people, they should steer clear away from red meat, kidney beans, corn and buckwheat.

The prohibited foods are quite enigmatic to a lay person but if it will eventually help one lose weight, why not give a try?

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